Pi Day for Low Carbers

Just wanted to (re)share a recipe for those of you who are following the low-carb lifestyle.

You can find the original recipe here. I highly recommend this website. I’ve found some great recipes there.11547-low2bcarb2bchocolate2bmousse2bcheesecake


  • 1 almond pie crust – (this is optional, if you don’t want to cook, but I prefer it)
  • 10 ounces room-temperature cream cheese
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • 1 teaspoon lemon juice
  • Zero-carb sugar substitute (I use Splenda) equal to about 1/2 cup sugar (or to taste)
  • 1 cup heavy cream
  • You can also add some cocoa if you’re looking for a chocolate fix. I use 2 tablespoons and adjust the sweetener accordingly to taste.

Prep Time: 20 minutes
Cook Time: 0 minutes

Total Time: 20 minutes
Yield: 8 servings


Bake the almond pie crust, either in a deep-dish pie pan or springform pan (if using a pie pan, you don’t need to spread the crust to the rim of the pan).

In a medium bowl, combine 10 ounces room-temperature cream cheese, 2 teaspoons vanilla, 1 teaspoon lemon juice, and sugar substitute very well. If you are using an electric mixer, fluff it up for 1 to 2 minutes. If you’re adding cocoa, add it here.

In a second bowl, whip the 1 cup heavy cream to soft peaks — you actually want it slightly less beaten than you would for a dessert topping.

Stir about a third of the whipped cream into the cream cheese mixture to lighten it. Then gently fold another third in, and then gently fold in the remaining third.

Spread cream cheese mixture into crust. Smooth off and chill for at least 2 to 3 hours. The original recipe suggests adding a fruit topping, but I 1) don’t want those extra carbs and 2) I don’t like fruit topping 🙂 But that’s your call. I prefer to spread whipped cream over the whole pie and chill for a few hours.

Yes, even us low-carbers can celebrate Pi Day!! Enjoy!




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Release Day!



I’m so excited it’s finally here! Angels in Seashore Cove is out! I’m so happy to see this story go live. I hope everyone loves reading it as much as I loved writing it!




Santa’s Little Helper and Rosie are excited too!2015-12-21 10.44.42

Okay, they were excited before, I swear! They just got really tired from being so excited 😀

Until next time!



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The celebration of the release of Angels in Seashore Cove continues with a limited-time .99¢ sale on CRAZY LITTLE THING CALLED MATCHMAKING, Book One in the Love and Laugh in Seashore Cove series!


The sale ends 02/29/16, so hurry to get your copy before it’s too late!!!


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Angels in Seashore Cove Giveaway!!!

Hi Everyone!!

I’m so excited for the upcoming release of Angels in Seashore Cove, Book Two in my Love and Laugh in Seashore Cove series, that I’m doing a giveaway!

All you have to do is go to my website and sign up for my newsletter to be entered to win this gorgeous gift basket!


Good luck!


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Cover Reveal: Angels in Seashore Cove!

I’m so excited to finally share the gorgeous cover of Angels in Seashore Cove!!

I knew from the very beginning what I wanted for this cover. It had to have the same “feel” as Crazy Little Thing Called Matchmaking (Book One in the Love and Laugh in Seashore Cove series), but also be its very own.

Since my heroine owns a designer cake business, it seemed so obvious that it had to be something baking related. Once I told my fabulous cover designer, Greg Simanson, he worked his magic and, voilà !

So here it is!


Isn’t it wonderful?

If you love friends to lovers stories with a touch of the supernatural, look for Angels in Seashore Cove coming 3/01/16 in both eBook and paperback!

Until next time!


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Sneak Peeks and Important Dates

Exciting news everyone! The cover reveal for book two in my Love and Laugh in Seashore Cove series, Angels in Seashore Cove, is coming soon! Want to be amongst the first to see? Subscribe to my newsletter on my website. Subscribers will see the cover on FEBRUARY 8, 2016!

cover-reveal-placeholder-02-2 (2)
The release for Angels in Seashore Cove is set for MARCH 1, 2016!

Be sure to follow me on Facebook & Twitter, too. Starting this week I’ll be posting some teasers from Angels in Seashore Cove, every Tuesday of the month of February, for #TeaserTuesdays.

I absolutely love this cover & am so excited to share it…but I’ll have to patient. Until then, here is a short sneak peek from Chapter 1:

“Oh. My. Gosh. Did you see that?” Dianna Sheldon turned to Sean Donovan and slapped his palm.

“Ow!” Sean jerked away and paced his living room, cradling his hand, face scrunched in pain. “I think I heard bones crack.”

Dianna rolled her eyes. Six foot two, fit, and as the owner of a pub, Sean had his fair share of fistfights with drunken customers and jealous ex-boyfriends.

Mr. Macho held his hand like a five-year-old who’d just received punishment for trying to sneak a cookie from the cookie jar.

Dianna fisted her hands at her hips and shook her head in disgust. “You cannot be serious.”

“You hit really hard!”

“I couldn’t help it. I’m excited! I’ve never seen an in-the-park homerun before.”

“Well if you’re that excited…” Sean swaggered closer to her, his lips exaggeratingly puckered.

When he was within kissing distance, Dianna placed her hand over his face before he could reach his target. She had no idea when this little game of theirs had started, but at this point, she was so used to the gentle teasing, she’d miss it if he ever stopped. “Dream on.”

He chuckled and pulled away, his striking ice blue eyes holding an impish glint. “Stop denying this, Princess. You know you have the hots for me.”

“Not since we were thirteen and you were more interested in Jocelyn ‘I-developed-early’ Parks.”

Staring into space, a grin lit his face. “Oh, yeah. I forgot about her. Man, she was cute. We went out for about six months, which I think is a record for me.”

Focusing on the ballgame, Dianna shook her head. “You and your brother are so alike.”

“Hey, I am not as bad as Tucker.”

She contemplated that for a moment. “True. You at least stay in a relationship with a woman long enough to learn her name.”

Sean threw his large frame onto his comfortable couch, still cradling his hand.

“Oh! The Mets have two men on already.” She hurried to sit on the arm of the sofa and ran her hand over Sean’s short blond hair. “I need to rub your head for luck again.”

He swatted her away with a chuckle. “It was a fluke.”

“Shh, you’ll jinx it. They’re going all the way this year, you watch. And to think I almost missed it because…” Diana glanced at the cable box. “Oh shit, is that the right time?” She jumped up and gathered her purse and keys. “I have a date in an hour.”

Sean snorted. “Are you still seeing Kirk-the-Jerk?”

“Sean David Donovan, stop dissecting my choices in men. For the life of me I can’t understand why you don’t like him.”

“Any guy who refuses to own a cell phone is either weird or has something to hide.”

“Yeah, yeah. So you keep saying. What are your plans, anyway?”

“Sonia and I are going to dinner.”

“Oh? So I guess you two made up?” There it was again. That feeling of utter dread that crept into her heart whenever he mentioned his new girlfriend.

“We sure did.” He offered her a knowing grin.

Dianna forced a smile in return. “I’m glad.”

“Me too, because I really, really like her.” He peered up at her. “You like her too, don’t you?”

The words, ‘hell no’ were right on the tip of her tongue, but she bit them back. Although she longed to tell him the truth, why bother? As the owner of a successful pub, Sean met tons of beautiful, willing women, especially in the summer months when their small Long Island hamlet overflowed with Hamptons’ traffic. Sonia was just the next in line of women he really, really liked who would be gone in a few weeks.

“Well, she’s better than that stuck-up actress you were seeing at the beginning of the summer.” Technically, that wasn’t a lie, even if she didn’t exactly answer his question.

“Great.” He hopped up from the couch and walked her to the door. “Talk to you tomorrow and be careful, Princess.”

That familiar flutter filled her from within every time he called her that. “I promise.”

With a quick kiss to his cheek, Dianna headed down the flower-lined walkway.

The early September evening was slightly cooler than usual for this time of year on Long Island. The sweet fragrance of Sean’s prize roses lightened her step as she walked to her car.

She wished she could grow plants and flowers the way he did, but any time she tried, the doomed vegetation would soon meet its maker. Her vege-cide was a frequent subject in her comic strip. She’d made a name for herself online, with over a million followers on YouTube. The crude animations of her characters, Sandy and Chip, a twenty-something couple with zany adventures had gone viral a few years ago. Between that and a blooming designer cake business, she never had a dull moment.

One day, though, she was going to take her art beyond drawing comics and sculpting fondant flower petals. Paris called, but she had yet to answer.

And she had no idea why.

Dianna waved to Sean then pulled away from the curb. As soon as his house was out of sight, she slapped her forehead with the heel of her hand. God, she hated herself right now. Why couldn’t she just be honest with Sean and tell him she didn’t like Sonia? That she didn’t trust her? Sure, he might get upset, even angry, but would he really end their friendship over it?

God knows Sean never had a problem voicing his opinion over her dates and never once seemed to worry about how she’d react to it.
Sometimes she wondered if their life-long friendship meant more to her than it did to him.

Dianna sighed. She was being silly. She was close to a lot of people in her small town. Some she’d share her darkest secrets with, some just acquaintances, but Sean was different. They’d been BFF’s since the cradle—nearly thirty years of being each other’s shadow. She simply could not imagine a life without him, so she did everything she could to protect their relationship.

And that included lying about his girlfriends.

Pushing those thoughts aside, she pulled into her driveway. No time to stress over Sean, she had a date. One she very much looked forward to.


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Learning to Speak Iggy

Having Italian Greyhounds (Iggies) can be as entertaining as they are confusing. Below, I’m posting pictures of my babies (including our late buddy, Stripe) with a list of what I think they’re trying to tell me.

2014-11-29 11.30.35

  1. I’m hungry
  2. Wanna race?
  3. Redrum
  4. I have come to avenge my brother

2014-11-29 16.29.36

  1. I need a hug
  2. I just watched Old Yeller. You’d never do that to me, would you?
  3. I saw you pet that other dog
  4. Dobby is a free elf!

2015-01-23 21.25.36

  1. Did you see the new Star Wars movie yet?
  2. I was just at the eye doctor
  3. It’s okay, we’ll get through this together
  4. Is he still behind me?

2015-02-25 08.00.33

  1. Strike a pose. Vogue!
  2. Whatcha writing?
  3. Scratch me here
  4. I’m not looking!

2015-04-23 10.32.43

  1. Please, Sir, can we have another?
  2. We’d like to talk to you about Jesus
  3. We swear, we had nothing to do with that cake going missing!
  4. Okay, you made your point. Can we come in now?

2015-10-20 18.21.34

  1. That pizza was to share!
  2. Oh, dude, you just ate so many carbs…
  3. Share that pizza or I will attempt to steal your soul
  4. Please drop it. Please drop it.

So having Iggies can be a challenge, but I think we’re beginning to learn their language. How close do you think we are? Have any other suggestions? Tell me in the comments below and I’ll caption your response on my Facebook page!

Until next time, happy writing!





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