Rosie and Stripe: The Untold Story

In my last post I introduced you to Santa’s Little Helper, one of the most unique, playful and annoying little buggers we ever rescued. We love him to pieces, but when his buddies Dutch and Floppy died within a year of

2011-03-26 13.57.37

As you can see, Santa’s Little Helper was a bit needy

each other, Santa’s Little Helper became needy to the point where I couldn’t write a complete sentence before he was itching to get on my lap.

Santa’s Little Helper wanted a friend and he chose me. That needed to change.

I approached my husband about adopting a standard Greyhound. I’m sure you’ve heard of their plight; how they’re tossed aside once their racing days are over. Hubby agreed and did some research. Next thing I know we’re driving to New Jersey to look at two Italian Greyhounds.

His reasoning? I wanted to rescue one regular-sized greyhound, but instead we’ll rescue two smaller ones. For some reason, at that time, it made perfect sense to me.

Rosie and Stripe were from a breeder who’d passed away. They were in a home with 13 or so other Iggies (short for Italian Greyhounds, for


Rosie and Stripe

those ‘in the know’) when they were rescued. The people who ran the Iggy rescue noticed that the ‘supposed’ brother and sister did not want to be separated. Ever. So that’s how the decided to adopt them out. Together.

And that’s how I wound up with two Italian Greyhounds, instead of one standard.


At first Rosie and Stripe were less than enthusiastic to let Santa’s Little Helper into their little circle.


Cuddly dogs


But eventually he wore them down and they let him in.


An Iggy Choo-Choo Train

So Santa’s Little Helper got his buddies, and I was finally able to get back to my writing!

Happy Holidays!



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2 Responses to Rosie and Stripe: The Untold Story

  1. lynnerose says:

    They’re gorgeous and adorable all at once. Thanks for sharing your story and the photos, Maggie.


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