The Other Santa’s Little Helper

Many years ago my son worked for a local pet store. Every now and then I’d go to visit him, because I missed him soooo much–and, I mean, I was there, so why not play with the puppies? Ya know, just to pass the time.

So after a few months of “going to visit my son because I missed him so much” I noticed a new arrival. He stood out because he was an Italian Greyhound, and they weren’t a very typical breed in the pet stores at that time. Oh, plus he was wearing aSLH2 cast.

Kinda stands out, doesn’t it? I asked my son what happened to him. He said they “think” he broke his leg in transit to the store. He also mentioned the six month old puppy was no longer salable because he was broken (if you knew my son, you’d understand his humor) and they were looking for someone to adopt him free of charge.

At the time we already had two dogs, so I thought my husband’s friend might want him. But when I spoke to my husband about it, I barely got the words “Italian Greyhound” out before he declared, “We’ll take him!”

Apparently, my husband had been in love with this breed for years. I was less than happy about the idea, so I told him we would take the broken pup on one condition. I get to name him. And if I were to take on yet another rescue, his name, henceforth would be known as Santa’s Little Helper. Yes, the same name as the dog from The Simpsons.

Once we got him home, and his cast came off, he quickly lived up to his namesake. SHL and Dutch

I mean, who can sleep like that? From the moment we brought him home eleven years ago, he has been an endless supply of entertainment. He’s a loving, weird and pushy dog that always finds a way to make us smile. So keep coming back for tales and pictures of this crazy dog. Next time we’ll meet his equally quirky sister, Rosie.


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