Welcome to Seashore Cove, Long Island!

In a few weeks, book #1 in my Love and Laugh in Seashore Cove series, Crazy Little Thing Called Matchmaking, will be released.

Seashore Cove is a fictional town nestled amongst the many Hampton towns on the south shore of the south fork of Long Island. Here are a few things you may not know about the place I call home:

1. Geographically 2 of the five boroughs (Brooklyn and Queens) of New York City are on Long Island. However, when you say you’re from Long Island, residents of NY know you mean either Suffolk or Nassau county.

2. The north and south shores of Long Island are very different for
an island that’s only 25 miles from north to south. The north shore is hilly and rocky with wonderful views of the Long Island Sound.

The south shore is flat and sandy, with some of the best beaches in the world. In contrast, it can take anywhere from two and a half to four hours (depending on traffic. And unless it’s 3 AM on a Sunday, there will be traffic) to travel from Montauk Point (the eastern-most point of the island) to  Manhattan.

3. We don’t live in Long Island, we live on Long Island.

4. And it’s pronounced Long Island. I’ve lived here almost 50 years and I’ve met maybe three people who pronounced it Lawn Guyland. Anyone else was from out of town 😀 We do, however; say cawfee and dog doesn’t rhyme with log.

5. We really do have the best pizza and bagels. I’m not kidding. I’ve traveled. And while Chicago can give us a fair challenge in the pizza race (they still lose, IMO 🙂 ) no place comes close to our bagels.

6. We have delis and they are beautiful. When I ask for bacon, egg and cheese on a roll, they know exactly what I mean. Unlike other places I’ve visited where they stared at me, while slowly backing up.

7. “The Hamptons” is not one town. There are about 6 different towns scattered throughout the eastern part of the island. During the winter, the eastern towns are fairly quiet. During the summer, they’re bursting.

8. Much of Long Island is country with many farms and wineries.

9. There are many charming towns on Long Island.

10. Billy Joel is a big deal here. And, yes, I’m a huge fan.

So there you have some of the reasons I stay on this traffic-ridden, ridiculously expensive island. And why I chose this place for the setting in my series.

Have questions? Want to add something to the list of awesome things about Long Island? Leave a comment!

Until next time, eat healthy and happy writing!


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